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TrollByte Kimera GC

TrollByte Kimera GC is a holder that has a stable arm and a softer, flexible claw.

The stable arm makes it easy to position the sensor exactly. The softer and flexible clone makes it possible to fine-tune the fit to reduce the risk of making holes in the sensor cover.

Holder, ring and bit block you can autoclave, maximum temperature 134 ┬░ C.

We provide a 12 month warranty on TrollByte Kimera GC.

Starter Kit Contains

  • 1 TrollByte Kimera GC Blue for apical front pictures and standing bitewing
  • 1 TrollByte Kimera GC Yellow for apical molar images and landscape bitewing
  • 1 TrollByte Kimera GC Red for landscape bitewing
  • 1 bit block for apical front pictures
  • 1 fuse

Or choose your preferred option below, Anterior, Posterior etc.