TROLLBAG XL, 500 PCS - TrollDental


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  • Covers both the sensor and the sensor holder
  • For size #1 or #2 sensor
  • Box with 500 pcs

Ref: 13190092

Treat your patients with the softest sensor cover ever.

TrollBag is a super soft sensor cover with no sharp edges and no taste.

It has been tested on a large number of patients, and the feedback from clinics around the world has been very positive. TrollBag gets a very high rating.

TrollBag contributes to make the taking of digital x-rays a positive experience.

Treat yourself.

You will appreciate TrollBag – it is elastic and stretch well around your sensor. It creates no extra volume, treatment is easy to do, and after treatment the TrollBag can be easily separated – no stretching of sensor cables.

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