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About TrollDental

Our Innovations

TrollDental with its head-quarters in Sweden makes and develops high quality consumer goods, in close collaboration with dentists. We are continuously looking for ways to develop new products and techniques.

TrollDental´s products facilitate and streamline the daily work of dentists – and thus profitability is increased.

The digital era has brought with it new challenges for TrollDental. We follow, carry out and take part in the development of timesaving products, specially adapted to digital techniques.

Our aim is to continue to be one of the leading global suppliers to dentists.

Swedish dental care has a long history going back to the 17th century and today it is thought of as being one of the best in the world. Care standards are high and TrollDental´s quality norms are set both to meet these and to surpass them.

Our professionalism and competence is high. For example the company´s ability for innovation has resulted in TrollMount, the universal leading system for filing dental X-ray films.

Today, TrollDental has several subsidiary companies in different parts of the world. Sales are made via global dealers or direct to dental offices.

Please contact us if you have any suggestions on how we may better serve you. Phone: 1 800 064 645

Supporting Operation Cleft

TrollDental Australia is proud to be supporting Operation Cleft, a project who helps those less fortunate and in need of medical treatment. The project provides free reconstructive facial surgery for children with a cleft lip or palate in Bangladesh. Since 2009, TrollDental donates a percentage of profits every year.

  • Extent of the problem

–There are approximately 300,000 people living in Bangladesh with an untreated cleft lip or palate. Another four to five thousand babies are born with this condition each year.

  • What are the effects on a child with an untreated cleft?

– Most babies born with a cleft condition have difficulty feeding and many suffer from malnutrition. This contributes to weakening of the immune system and frequently results in higher infant mortality. Many of these children as they grow will suffer from social isolation, severe depression, malnutrition and ear, nose and throat infections. Children with an untreated cleft rarely attend school because they are ostracised and discouraged by a school system that is ill-equipped to handle children with special needs. They will remain illiterate which in turn perpetuates the poverty cycle.

  • How many operations does Operation Cleft undertake each year?

Operation Cleft are currently funding between 1000 and 1200 operations annually. TrollDental has, as of February 2014, donated to fund 99 of these operations.

Industry and Manufacturing Winner 2016

For the oralcare4u platform and communications innovation

at the Alstonville Chamber of Commerce gala and awards ceremony.

TrollDental also won the Business of the year in 2014